The following testimonials from participants in the evocative coaching training program speak to the transformational power of this unique learning experience. We invite you to sign up today to become part of this experience yourself!

“Wow! I used the evocative coaching style points and methods and I was really having lots more fun than before. The sample questions were giving me so many ideas and the energy level was raised for both coachee and coach. And the wonderful part came when they actually wanted more sessions with me. Thanks! I believe there is great progress in my field of work.”

“I am so glad I took this course. I have learned more in the past six months than in all of the professional development I’ve done the past five years.”

“After the training we used the evocative coaching process with the SIOP coaches serving one of our elementary schools. We had the energy check-in, discussed their stories, and heard some excellent “Golden Sighs.” Even completed the experimental planning form and checked on their confidence level with the Confidence Ruler. Before this they had been afraid and a little resistant. When we followed the process, they were excited, felt validated that they were doing a lot of the SIOP, and had ideas of what they could do when they started coaching teachers. Thanks, for the PD. This works.”

 “When I meet with a teacher or walk into his or her class, I finally feel as if I have the tools to help them reach their potential. I took this job because I like the coaching aspect but after my first year, I was not sure if I had the “it” that caused teacher to see me as more than just a helper. I feel empowered!”

 “The consistent focus on positive feedback really supports the self-efficacy of my staff. Being reminded of the Möbius strip with story, empathy, inquiry and design thinking has really effected how I communicate / coach my staff.”

 “I joined this course because I wanted to transform schools; I have found instead that I have been transformed.”

 “I have many more tools to create the optimal environment for teacher engagement.”

 “I have become a better listener; I give less advice and instead practice giving empathy. I think about how the skills I am learning can impact my students and my work environment. It has helped me detach in a good way from stressors in my environment.”

 “By listening mindfully, quietly and reflectively when teachers tell their stories, coaches disarm resistance and evoke open dialogue which sets the stage for change. It is seldom that a person is listened to without judgment and with no agenda. This alone may be why evocative coaching is refreshing and powerful enough to transform an entire school.”

 “Each week I learn more and more that will impact my job. I am becoming more comfortable in using the strategies and have become much more reflective in my discussions with teachers.”

 “Imaginative listening is a game changer in that it allows teachers to tell their stories with full engagement. The more teachers understand their stories as stories, rather than as settled facts over which they have no control, the more teachers are cultivating a willingness to change and become lifelong learners.”

 “Every lesson gives me new insights about coaching. It only enhances my perception of coaching, how everything around us matters.”

 “Everything that I have learned is influencing and impacting my work with students as a teacher, as a PLC facilitator with my colleagues, and with the building and district leadership as I drop “pebbles” of the Evocative Coaching model along the pathway to our school’s and district’s transformation.”

 “Although I have had a lot of instruction and practice in listening techniques, I believe Evocative Coaching has clarified the importance of listening and the value of being totally present; not solving problems but building on the positive.”

 “Through this course, I have started to really feel myself on the cusp of something quite tremendous as a professional and also as a person.”