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Evocative Coaching takes a person-centered, no-fault, and strengths-based approach to performance improvement. Bringing together the most reliable research and wisdom in educational leadership and professional coaching, Evocative Coaching presents a simple yet profound model for facilitating new conversations in schools through Story Listening, Expressing Empathy, Appreciative Inquiry, and Design Thinking. This inspirational process reinvigorates the passion for making schools better, one conversation at a time.

An innovative resource, Evocative Coaching contains research-based theory, helpful strategies, specific suggestions, and a wealth of anecdotes from coaches working in schools. The model presented in this book invites educators to focus on what they do best and to engage in larger, more integral conversations about their work and the things they care about most. Grounded in evidence-based practices, Evocative Coaching enables educators to better meet the challenges they face in today’s schools. Download Chapter One to start reading now!

Trust Matters (second edition) offers educators a practical, hands-on guide for establishing and maintaining trust within their schools as well as providing information on how to repair trust that has been damaged. Written by Megan Tschannen-Moran—an expert on the topic of trust and schools—Trust Matters is based in solid research. It outlines the five key elements on which individuals base their trust judgments (benevolence, honesty, openness, reliability, and competency) and explores the factors that influence the development of trust. The book explores the leader’s role in fostering high quality relationships among teachers, students, and parents and examines examples of positive outcomes of trusting school environments. Download Chapter One to start reading now!