Training Program

The core training program of the Center for School Transformation, in partnership with Lead Learner Associates, takes educators through the basics of the Evocative Coaching process for performance improvement. More than 600 school leaders, teachers, staff developers, and support coaches have now learned to engage in more productive and life-giving professional development conversations. Based on a book by the Center’s founders, Bob & Megan Tschannen-Moran, the core training program assists anyone concerned about improving their own performance or tasked with the responsibility of improving the performance of others to learn how to have conversations that are more likely to generate better student outcomes and enhanced school climate. The title of the book summarizes the goal of the program — Evocative Coaching: Transforming Schools One Conversation at a Time (Corwin, 2020).

The course is offered in three separate modules: Introduction to Evocative Coaching, Advanced Coaching Practice, and Certification.  These modules are offered in on-site, virtual, and blended delivery models.  Open cohorts are offered regularly in a virtual classroom that affords practice in dyads and small groups.   This classroom can be accessed easily and affordably either via the telephone or through Zoom. Each of the first two modules takes place in six 90-minute class sessions.  The certification is self-paced with support from Certified Evocative Coaches.  Dedicated cohorts are offered to meet the needs of particular groups.