Open Enrollment

Train Yourself

Do you want to enhance your effectiveness in coaching, supervising, or collaborating with teachers, school leaders, or other educators?  Do you want to master the art of producing motivation and movement in the people with whom you work? Then look no further! Evocative Coaching is a powerful and effective approach to meet your needs.

Our partner, Lead Learner Associates offers open-enrollment courses in the Evocative Coaching Training Process. These courses are conducted in a live, interactive virtual classroom that can be conveniently and affordably accessed by telephone or Zoom.

By practicing the skills described in Evocative Coaching: Transforming Schools One Conversation at a Time, over the course of this training program you will become better equipped to host energizing conversations that result in motivation and movement toward sustained change.  The training is arranged in three modules:  Introduction to Evocative Coaching, Advanced Coaching Practice, and Certification.  The first two modules take place in six 90-minute class sessions.  The certification module is self-paced with support from Certified Evocative Coaches.