Evocative Coaching Model as a Human MobiusWhat We Stand For

The mission of the Center for School Transformation (CST) is to serve as a catalyst for transforming schools, early-childhood centers, and other educational communities into vibrant, life-giving learning environments. We believe this is possible in every situation and circumstance when people take person-centered, no-fault, and strengths-based approaches to collaboration, planning, and innovation.

What We Do

CST trains coaches, teachers, school leaders, mentors, program directors, and other educators in our acclaimed Evocative Coaching Training Program. We also facilitate systems-change processes, offer leadership coaching, and provide inspirational speakers and trainers for conferences, convocations, and other site-based events.

Who We Are

Bob & Megan Tschannen-MoranThe Center for School Transformation was formed in 2009 by Bob & Megan Tschannen-Moran. CST is a wholly-owned subsidiary of LifeTrek, Inc., an Ohio corporation, founded in 1998 to provide coaching and consulting services to organizations and individuals. It’s principal offices are located in the USA: