Evocative Coaching Video Demonstration

In this 9 minute video, leadership coach Stephanie Baker works with Principal Rebecca Norwood using the evocative coaching model. Each stage of the process is notated so that viewers can see the movement through Listening for Stories, Expressing Empathy, Appreciating Strengths, and Design Thinking.

Evocative Coaching Demonstration

In this Evocative Coaching Demonstration, Bob Tschannen-Moran, co-founder of the Center for School Transformation, coaches a trainee at the outset of the Evocative Coaching Training Program regarding her own personal growth and professional development goals for taking the Program. Bob demonstrates clearly not only how to use the four steps of Evocative Coaching – Story-Empathy-Inquiry-Design – to guide the course of coaching conversations but also what those steps can generate in terms of learning, growth, and change. In so doing, he also demonstrates the dynamic, positive, and even fun energy of Evocative Coaching conversations themselves.

Want to shift away from ineffective and tedious practices for coaching teachers and school leaders to improve their performance? Want to get a better sense of what Evocative Coaching is all about and about what you might learn by taking the Evocative Coaching Training Program? Listen to this Audio Recording to help answer those questions and Sign Up Today for the next round of classes, all of which take place in a unique virtual classroom that can be accessed easily and affordably either via the telephone or through Zoom. You, too, can make Evocative Coaching an integral part of your coach approach in schools.