Systems ChangeChange is not optional. Every organization and every leader faces the responsibility to navigate the continually rushing waters of change. Do we ride those waters with confidence and excitement, trusting in the capabilities of our people and processes to generate positive, life-giving transformations? Or do we find ourselves discouraged and beaten down by the increasing pressures of accountability and resource limitations? Everyone is riding the same waters but not everyone is taking the same journey.  The difference has a lot to do with the skills we develop and the approaches we take. If you’re ready to buff up your skills and take more person-centered, no-fault, and strengths-based approaches, then the Center for School Transformation can assist you to meet your needs.

In addition to our acclaimed Evocative Coaching Training Program, which equips school leaders to have better one-on-one conversations, the Center for School Transformation also assists schools and other organizations to develop more collaborative and productive cultures through Strengths-Based Planning Processes, Leadership Coaching, Trust Building Initiatives, as well as inspiring Workshops & Presentations for conferences, convocations, and other site-based events. By celebrating the best of what is, these processes bring about change at the speed of imagination. Contact us today for a consultation!