Leadership Coaching

Leadership CoachingUsing the Evocative Coaching model, our trained and certified resources provide face-to-face and telephone coaching to leaders who are guiding their schools or organizations through the transformation process.  Often employed in conjunction with our whole-system transformation initiatives, this individualized coaching supports leaders as they adopt new orientations and methods for inspiring their teams to greatness. By cultivating greater self-awareness, responsibility, and choice, and by learning new models of leadership and organization, school and organizational leaders become better equipped to balance the task and relationship dimensions of their work. In the process, they cultivate greater self-efficacy, joy, and peace.

All this comes about through the art of conversation.  Leadership can be a lonely task; many leaders therefore enjoy having an external coach who serves as a sounding board and trusted confidant. By sharing experiences with coaches who know how to listen deeply and ask powerful question, leaders sharpen their thinking and design new strategies for moving forward. If you are under fire or feel stuck in a rut, then transformational leadership coaching may be able to help you to better meet your needs.  Whether you want to explore a group process at your school or arrange for a private consultation for yourself, we invite you to contact us today.