Workshops & Presentations

Workshops and Presentations

The Center for School Transformation Team count it as a privilege to present on important topics that we believe are transforming schools around the world, We also love talking with you – to explore your perspectives, answer questions and equip you with information and tools that you can immediately use to make a difference in your school. Join us in transforming schools, one conversation at a time!!

Speakers & Presentations

In addition to facilitating dynamic Training Programs and Systems Change processes, representatives from the Center for School Transformation also maintain an active speaking schedule at conferences, meetings, and other site-based events. Our trained facilitators, including the Center’s Co-Founder, Megan Tschannen-Moran, are also presenters who can persuasively make the case for adopting a person-center, no-fault, and strengths-based approach to change. From large keynote addresses to small-group workshops, from national and international conferences to faculty meetings at a single school building, the Center for School Transformation stands ready to resource your event.  Recent topics include:

  • School Transformation: Enriching Conversations – Inspiring Change
  • Beyond the Deficit Frame: Changing Conversations for School Success
  • Trust Matters: Creating Conducive Spaces for Learning
  • Imaginative Listening: How Words Create Worlds
  • Expressing Empathy: Communicating with Compassion
  • Observing Vitality: Building on Strengths
  • Three Principles for Teacher Collaboration
  • Redesigning Classrooms for Learning: Innovation in Action
  • Six Keys for Creating a Coaching Culture in Schools
Download handouts from the Resources section of our website. Then Contact Us Today to learn more about our availability and rates. We look forward to talking and working with you soon!