Lead Learner Associates, in partnership with the Center for School Transformation, certifies graduates of the Evocative Coaching Training Program as a “Certified Evocative Coach”. Here are the requirements:

  1. Complete Level 1 and Level 2 of the Evocative Coaching Training Program and earn the 20-hr Certificate of Completion from each program.
  2. Enroll in and complete the Certification Module. There is an additional fee. Contact Lead Learner Associates for more information.
  3. Document at least three years of professional experience in a coaching and/or leadership role.
  4. Pass a 100-question multiple-choice exam.
  5. Covenant to uphold the Evocative Coaching Code of Ethics.
  6. Submit your Coaching Platform (developed during the training program).
  7. Submit the following materials for two coaching sessions with people you have been coaching (i.e., two different teachers or school leaders):
  • A 30-minute audio recording (MP3 file type) of a coaching session pertaining to a school topic
  • A completed Evocative Coaching Style Points Tool for each recording, self scoring your demonstration of the 16 Style Points.
  • A completed Learning Brief Template, developed during the coaching relationship
  • A completed Experimental Design Template, developed during the coaching relationship.
  • A completed IAC Coaching Feedback Form submitted by the person you were coaching.

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