Teacher Coach Training

Teacher Coach TrainingAre you tasked with the responsibility of assisting teachers to improve their performance in the classroom? Are you frustrated with the quality and outcomes of the conversations you are having with teachers? Are you experiencing tension over the competing commitments of evaluation and relationship-based professional development? Are you looking for ways to take your coaching leadership skills to the next level? If so, then the Evocative Coaching Training Program provided by Lead Learner Associates can assist you to get where you want to go.

We do this by equipping people to have more positive and productive conversations with colleagues. Our process moves people beyond old ways of thinking, doing, and being. It inspires and invigorates the passion for making schools better, one conversation at a time. By learning how to coach with a person-centered, no-fault, and strengths-based approach, school leaders, staff developers, mentors, department chairs, instructional coaches, and others engaged in instructional innovation become better equipped to facilitate full engagement and inspire transformational change. Register Today! for upcoming Open Cohorts, or Contact Lead Learner Associates to arrange for a dedicated group to go through the training together.