Dedicated Cohorts

Train a Group

In addition to training programs that are open to individuals and small groups, our partner Lead Learner Associates also offers hybrid formats for dedicated cohorts including a combination of on-site training days and follow-up sessions in the convenient, interactive virtual classroom that can be accessed by phone or Zoom. These hybrid formats are enjoyable and effective ways to build coaching leadership skills. Practicing new methods over time solidifies the person-centered, no-fault, and strengths-based approach to performance improvement, professional development, and school transformation. As one recent graduate wrote, “Our coaches are using this process now, and it works!”

Dedicated cohorts can be arranged as on-site trainings, training in the virtual classroom, or a blended model tailored to the needs of the group.  One popular group-training option starts with a full-day, on-site workshop followed by sessions in the virtual classroom. Other combinations of on-site training days and virtual classes can be arranged to accommodate the schedules and learning styles of different groups. Group pricing depends upon group size. Contact Lead Learner Associates Today!